Everyone starts small. Unless you're Will Smith's kids. But other than them, most people tend to start somewhat smallish, even Bruce Willis. Way back, even before 'Moonlighting,' Bruce was slowly climbing his way up. Here he is showcasing his hot moves for Levi's. We're going to call this video his "stripper money," you know, since he's dancing to get paid and it's pretty embarrassing.Fortunately for Bruce, this video is pretty old and the quality's not so great, so this is more of a "Bruce Willis ... heh" video than a "BWAHAHAHAHAHA THIS MAKES HUDSON HAWK SEEM GOOD" video. In case you were wondering which white dude awkwardly dancing to old man blues he is, he's the guy in the yellow jacket at the end who spins around so fast his sunglasses fly off, but he's too cool (or possibly embarrassed) to go pick them up, so he just keeps walking.

We hope it paid your rent Bruce, so you didn't have to go home every night and curse your feet for taking you to such a dark, dark place.

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