Lance Bass made a name for himself in the bubblegum pop (and okay, pretty awesome) boy band *N Sync, who were best known for confections like 'Bye Bye Bye' and 'It's Gonna Be Me.' But as Justin Timberlake's star rose and boy bands fell out of favor overall, 'N Sync eventually broke up.

Since then Bass has written a best-selling memoir ('Out of Sync'), appeared on 'Dancing with the Stars' and tried to go into space a while back. Other than a few cameos here and there, he's largely stayed away from the recording industry. Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you ... Heart2Heart.

Bass is reportedly the mastermind behind this attempt to make boy bands hip again, and the video for its first single, 'Facebook Official,' shows five previously-unknown mop-topped young men (save for a brief cameo from Bass himself) earnestly singing about the seriousness of changing one's relationship status on Facebook.

Some sample lyrics:

Heart2Heart is back
FB chat poppin’ on my Mac

Can you confirm this request
Agree to my terms of service

It's all so silly that some have even wondered if the American public is being punked. The whole thing does have a rather 'Funny or Die'-esque quality to it, and Lance is known for having a sly sense of humor.

If it's real, Bass may have discovered the new Rebecca Black. Take a look at the so-bad-it's-good video and decide for yourself:

[via Buzzfeed]