Do you ever wonder why some folks will actually wait in line for days for the release of a new product, mainly Apple's iPhone 5? Well, Youtube interview Sam Roberts got to the bottom of at least why one woman had camped out two days for the iPhone, and her reasoning will probably make your head hurt.

"I don't want to get ripped off by the internet, so I decided to wait in line," was Rachel's answer when Roberts asked why she didn't just purchase the smartphone on the internet. And even though her fear of the internet didn't exactly gel with her desire to have a device that offers faster connections to the Web, that was probably the most coherent thing she said during the interview.

Among Rachel's highlights were repeatedly calling it "Apple Phone Five." She also declared that among her favorite features of the new phone was "the apple on it."

Rachel had little idea of how much the iPhone 5 would cost her when she got to the front of the line and was happily surprised when Roberts informed her the phone would have a camera feature.

Our first instinct was that the video is a fake, or that Rachel was trolling. Roberts, a producer for The Opie & Anthony Show, also didn't think his interview subject was for real at first. But after talking to her for a while he became convinced she was the genuine article. The iPhone 5 certainly has a strange effect on some people.

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