We've got another upgrade from Apple! Here are some unique new features from the recent iOS update.

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All sorts of fun and interesting things can come from updating your iPhone. And even more things can be discovered if you really dive in. It's crazy how complex and capable these devices are and we barely scratch the surface of their functionality.

Like remember when you learned that the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone can actually be a secret button? Maybe, you just did. We'll probably never know all of the things that our iPhones are capable of, so let's take what we can get.

Here are some hidden iOS 17 settings and features that you probably didn't know about from this recent update.

Five Hidden Features From the iOS 17 iPhone Update

Just when you thought they thought of it all.

If you're more of an auditory learner or need a visual, the video below walks you through the set up of the new features nicely.

We're sure these features are a minuscule amount of what's actually possible with iPhones these days, especially after the new update. Regardless, we'll still feel pretty techy telling our friends about these sweet finds.

Want to know more? Remember that iPhone secret button feature we told you about earlier? Here's how you make it happen.

How to Activate Secret Back Button on iPhone

What tech tricks and features have you unlocked? Share them with us in the comments. We love being in the know.

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