The recent release of the iPhone 5 has gotten our minds into a techie frenzy, but not because we’re overloaded with too much iPhone newness too soon. Ohhh, no. See, the latest iPhone has even more addicting app possibilities, a sleeker finish, and (most importantly), an upgraded version of our girl Siri.

While we were hoping our best technology friend would be back with a bang and hopefully a bit less judgmental this time, Jimmy Kimmel has unfortunately uncovered a few glitches in the new Siri. Basically, she’s turned into "MOMi," an even more judgmental version of our former phone pal who does what every wonderful mother does best: nag.

In this hilarious spoof, MOMi relentlessly nags Kristen Bell about her date, her ex boyfriend, party pictures, weight...the list goes on. Don’t get us wrong-- we love our moms, but having them constantly bother us through “the most overbearing iPhone yet”? Thanks, but no thanks!

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