Whatever your opinion of heavy metal god and legendary crankster Dave Mustaine, there's no denying that the dude can shred. But what's even more impressive is this amazing cover of Mustaine's solo from Megadeth's 'Holy Wars...The Punishment Due.' Oh, and did we mention that this heavy metal fan plays it on an iPhone?

While the backing track of the song plays, YouTube user QmekPrEaChEr7 frantically taps away at his iPhone, churning out a scorching solo that even Mustaine would love. Somehow, he even manages to pull off the string-bending notes at the start of the solo.

To his credit, QmekPrEaChEr7 seems pretty humble about the awesome solo in the video's YouTube description. "Look... i dont really know actually how to play it note for note but i thought this was funny sooooo ya," he wrote.

But, honestly, we don't think he's giving his guitar chops nearly enough credit. If he had tight stretch pants and shaggy hair, he'd be ready to go on tour.

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