You've surely noticed over the past few years the proliferation of photos of plates of food on your Facebook feed. While one's first instinct is to blame Zuckerberg for this culinary invasion of your cyber space, the real culprit is the late Steve Jobs, since it is the high quality camera on his iPhones that are allowing all your friends to post these dispatches from the latest trendy eatery.

In fact, according to this commercial spoof from Adam Sacks, Apple has now conceded that people only use their iPhone to take pictures of food. This being the case, Apple's engineers have redesigned the popular device to reflect its true usage and now the iPhone 5 looks an awful lot like one of those bulky cameras people used to lug around back in the dark ages of 2003.

But the iPhone 5 isn't just any point-and-shoot device. The "phone" is able to take "stunning pictures in whatever dimly-lit no reservation exposed-brick basement restaurant your friends care about more than each other."

Sure, the new iPhone doesn't boast traditional internet connectivity. But it does come with Siri, who can recognize plates of food and suggest "fun captions that will imply a life worth living."

And, really, is there anything more we can ask of our smart phone?

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