Hyundai's Super Bowl commercial for their Genesis Coup, which will air during the third quarter of the big game, starts with a young man driving an older man -- presumably his boss -- in the car.

Mr. Jensen, as he is called, is explaining to the driver how "success in business comes down to one word." But before he can reveal that magic word, he appears to drop dead.

So what does our young driver do? After a moment of panic, he begins rapidly breaking and then accelerating the car. That act revives his boss, like a defibrillator would. Back to life, Mr. Jensen continues his lecture on success in business, while still never revealing the key word. Since Jensen doesn't even realize that he was briefly dead, it doesn't look like the driver's Hyundai-aided heroics will net him a promotion.

As the commercial ends, a narrator proclaims that the 348 horsepower Genesis Coupe will "get your pulse going.'

So, did this ad get your pulse going at all?

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