If there's one thing the folks at Old Spice know how to do, it's make a good ad. In their latest viral-ready effort, men in need of personal grooming are told to "believe in your smellf." Check out the hillarity that ensues below.

It turns out "smelf" belief leads to bigger muscles and a really cool haircut. (Also, Caucasian cornrows.)

Among other notable things that pop up in the spot are an 'environmentally responsible' sports car made from sand and Heather Graham. Yes, the actress. (Can you believe Graham, who still looks just like Roller Girl from 'Boogie Nights,' recently turned 42?)

It's definitely a highly-entertaining commercial. But is it as good as previous Old Spice ads, featuring the likes of 'Old Spice guy' Isaiah Mustafa, Fabio and Bruce Campbell? We think it meets that high standard, but we want to know what you think.