15 Awesome Vintage PSAs You Probably Forgot
Children of the '80s and '90s pretty much learned everything they need to know from TV. (It was basically like a third parent.) Besides "very special" sitcom episodes, one of the major ways we learned about how to say no to drugs and avoid "stranger danger&qu…
An Honest Take on That Chipotle Scarecrow Ad
Hey guys, just a friendly reminder that that gorgeously animated ad from Chipotle was still an ad, courtesy of this send-up from Funny or Die.
Once you get past the whole "person trying to sing like Fiona Apple" thing (It's not happening...
Dove Ad Parodies
Surely you've seen this ad from Dove, in which a forensic sketch artist draws women as they describe themselves, then as other women describe them, then everybody starts crying? If not, it's here for the watching, just to give you some context before we settle in to what this is really all…
Cutest Seniors Ever?
Stick with this one. It's funny enough watching an old man struggle to say "buttery, flaky crust," but this video in its entirety is a comedy masterpiece.
She's Back!
Fortunately, Laina, aka the Overly Attached Girlfriend, has already created a charity campaign, otherwise we would might be inclined to say she is just milking her internet fame. Instead, this Samsung commercial is actually entertaining. It's creepy, too...
Boy Asks Out Girl in Adorable Popsicle Commercial
This spec commercial for Popsicles makes us want to go out and buy a box. So "good job' to Ross Ching, who came up with the idea to use this Popsicle stick trick for something a few years ago.
It was worth the wait for high-speed cameras to become affordable, because this video, fi…
Maru the Cat Finally Gets Commercial Deal
It was only a matter of time before somebody needed a cat that would climb into a box for a commercial. Now that that's finally happened, internet famous feline Maru is starring in a Uniqlo commercial for one of their San Francisco locations. And there are lots of boxes. And Maru. Plus prizes!

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