James Franco likes to keep us guessing. Whether it's hosting the Oscars (badly), playing a recurring role on a soap opera or simultaneously pursuing graduate degrees in just about every subject available, the 33-year-old does all kinds of offbeat stuff that most actors of his stature wouldn't even attempt.

And for his latest trick, he is channeling Britney Spears' notorious ex-husband/former rapper Kevin Federline.

Franco spring breakers

Turns out the look is for the 2013 movie 'Spring Breakers,' which had been previous notable for leaked shots of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens wearing bikinis.

In fact it was Gomez who leaked the photos of Franco, who plays a gun-toting drug dealer in the comedy adventure.

"This is where the trouble begins... ;) ps Rachel is sexy," Selena Instagramed out along with the shot of the cornrowed Franco. The Rachel in question is co-star Rachel Korine, wife of director Harmony Korine.

Check out more photos of Franco as Federline, er, as a shady drug dealer below. The real K-Fed must be kicking himself. If things had worked out with Britney and he didn't gain like a million pounds maybe he could have been stunt cast as himself in the movie.

James Franco Federline
James Franco Kevin Federline

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