The bone-shattering might of the rock band Bonecrusher can't be contained by traditional music venues. During a recent show in Singapore, they took adventage of wireless technology and left the club they were playing, guitars still blazing, and continued the show in the street.

Heads banged, horns honked, and Bonecrusher provided their fans with quite a memorable rock-and-roll experience.

Since they haven't invented a proper wireless portable drum kit yet, Bonecrusher's poor drummer had to continue playing from inside the club. But, as is often the case for the thankless guy who mans the skins, nobody seemed to notice.

While it was an impressive stunt, Singapore was probably the wrong country to pull it in. The island nation is known for caning and imprisoning folks who merely vandalize. So one can only imagine what the authorities over there would do if they caught somebody treating the middle of the street as if it were their own personal stage.

However, it looks like Bonecrusher played a show in Colorado over the weekend, so they must have made it out of Singapore alive. And they have a pretty cool video to show for it.