If you ever thought washing machines can't be cool, this video will definitely change your mind. YouTube user SinaCXVII films as his washer pounds out an epic drum beat that would make Metallica proud. Does he have Lars Ulrich stuffed in there? Let him out before he sues! (The video, by the way, is slightly NSFW due to the user's completely unnecessary potty mouth.)

As SinaCXVII watches in amazement, the washing machine plays a rhythm complete with intense triple beats. "Like, how's it doing this?" he wonders. "I want to open it up and find out, but I don't want to break the pattern at the same time." Yeah, it's a conundrum, chief.

Eventually, the machine comes to a lurching halt and SinaCXVII inspects the contents, finding nothing but sheets and a bathroom mat. The source of the beat will forever remain a mystery, but SinaCXVII's footage would go on to inspire a host of remixes. Check out several of the best below.