In their efforts to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, the United States and Israel have been known to hit the Iranian nuclear program with debilitating computer viruses. But for their latest cyber-attack against Iran it looks like they've also received an assist from Australia -- as in the hard rockers from Down Under, AC/DC.

According to an email an Iranian nuclear scientist sent to F-Secure Security Labs, something very peculiar happened recently at two of Iran's nuclear sites. In the middle of the night, the AC/DC hit 'Thunderstruck' began playing at a high volume in work stations at the facilities. Presumably there was more to the cyber-attack than just an assault on the ears, but any other effects weren't disclosed.

Generally, it's best not to signal a cyber-attack, because it will cause even more confusion when the target can't figure out why things are going crazy. So why did this latest hit against Iran come with a heavy metal calling card?

Perhaps the thought was that the legendary riff Angus Young plays on 'Thunderstruck' would convert the Iranian scientists to a more Western way of thinking. Listen to the band perform the arena favorite below, and let us know if  you think the song could finally bring Iran and the United States together.