2013 looks to be a good year for Super Bowl commercials, assuming you like topless women, Doritos or 'Gangnam Style.' And if you don't like any of those things, are you sure you're actually human and not a goldfish that learned how to use a computer? Brace yourself, you snobby goldfish, because Psy is doing a pistachio commercial. It is going to be awesome.

The commercial is for Wonderful brand pistachios. You know, the folks who made a honey badger crack open a nut with a fake cobra. Wonderful won't disclose the content of the commercial, only that Psy will be wearing a green tuxedo and unveiling a new way to crack open a pistachio. (Hmmm ... might that way be HORSE DANCING?) The company has also asked YouTube "stars" to parody the video, plus the commercial will air on cable and primetime TV. At least we know the next way Psy is going to dominate the media market.

The company hasn't disclosed how much they paid Psy to do the spot, but speaking as somebody who knows like two people who were in commercials, it was definitely *at least* $500.

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