We know -- we know. Last night was the season finale of 'Game of Thrones,' which means there's almost 10 months until you get a new episode. If this fills you with as much despair as it does us, it's going to be okay. Here are some things you can do to deal with the coming Winter (i.e., no new 'Game of Thrones' until next year).

  • Step one: get it together.

    Seriously. It's a TV show, for Pete's sake.

  • Next: come on now.

    What did we just say? It will be back in a few months.

  • Have you read the books?


    That's right -- this is all based on a series of books by George R.R. Martin. They're real page-turners, as you could probably surmise.

  • What about the board game?


    There's an award-winning 'Game of Thrones' board game you could play. That could kill some time.

  • There's other George R.R. Martin TV.


    Look at this picture and tell us how you could not want to watch the 1987-1990 'Beauty and the Beast' TV series which featured scripts by Martin himself? Does it change your mind at all if we tell you that's Ron Perlman under that lion makeup? Also, the whole thing's available on Netflix.

  • Re-watch the first three seasons.

    Now that you know what's going to happen, you can go back and watch all the old episodes to pick up on stuff you missed before. Maybe you'll even manage to learn all the characters' names this time out!

  • Go outside.


    Seriously. Have you considered going for a hike or something? It's summertime now, but winter is coming (really -- it will be here in a few months). Maybe you could, like, meet up with some friends and do something. Just a suggestion. Sigh...fine. Pretend the outdoors is Westeros and you're The Hound escorting Arya to The Wall or something. Nerd.