Whether you were high born or low, you know the rules of the ‘Game of Thrones’ meant you win or die. This gave most of life’s lessons a pretty Valyrian steel sharp learning curve. Still, as a child of the long summer, it wasn’t all bad. Here’s how you know you belonged in Westeros.

1. You fought with your siblings like this:

2. But seriously: when your brother said not to touch his toys, he meant it.


3. The food was…not great.

4. Your mom used to threaten, "You better behave or I'll send you to live beyond the wall!"

5. And when you really pushed it, Mom hit hard ...

6. But your uncles always hit harder.

7. Still, your family was close ... maybe too close.

8. Dragons and white walkers are just stories our parents told to scare us. Right? Right?!

9. Mic drops looked like this:

10. You loved your pet rock more than anything.


11. Besides, crushes were killer...no seriously, your crush might want you dead.

12. But your first time you were all like:

13. Or:

14. And you learned STDs are nothing compared to dangerous older women.

15. You learned early that snitches get stitches … or worse.

16. And you got pretty sick to death of hearing this ol’ chestnut:

17. But you knew how to get the party started: drinking games!

18. And you learned not to judge a man by the size of the sword he carries.

19. Assuming he’s carrying a sword.

20. And if you had it all to do over again…well, you have some regrets.