The loveable meatheads of 'Jersey Shore' head overseas to Italy for a season filled with more of the same -- fights, fist-pumping and ill-advised hookups. And we finally get a glimpse of Snooki's collision with an Italian cop car, which made the tabloids in May.

From what we can see in the trailer for the upcoming fourth season, New Jersey's own Maid of the Mystic Tan careens through the unfamiliar streets of Florence before losing control of her vehicle and rear-ending a police cruiser.

Also in store: J-Woww packs her bags and brings her "boobies," Vinnie trawls for a "nice, real, Italian, traditional girl," Deena tongues Pauly D and knock-down, drag-out brawls abound, including one where the Situation ends up in the hospital with a bruised face courtesy of roommate Ronnie.

Season four of 'Jersey Shore' begins on August 4.