E*Trade’s famous talking baby is back in their Super Bowl 2012 commercial. This year, the tech-savvy tyke is at the maternity ward with his dad, and the pair  are checking out his brand new baby sister. What do you want to bet she has quite the mouth on her too? 

Pops express his desire to give the family’s latest addition “everything,” which his wise-beyond-his-years son quickly informs him will cost a lot of money.

Of course, this warning freaks dad out. (The fact that his baby talks? Not so much.) But the loquacious tot tells him not to worry, and that as long as he visits an E*Trade financial consultant he will be OK.

However, when the baby is giving his dad the spiel about E*Trade, he notices something. His equally young friend Bobby is walking around the inside the maternity ward. “Bobby, what are you doing, man?” he wonders. “I’m speed dating,” Bobby replies. Babies dating? Weeeeeird.

E*Trade's talking baby has been a huge hit for the financial services company in both past Super Bowls and in ads they run during the rest of the year. Is the concept still doing it for you?