In a Doritos Super Bowl 2012 commercial, a kid learns a valuable lesson in not teasing old folks. The spoiled brat is at the top of a backyard slide, using a bag of yummy Doritos to taunt what we presume is his grandmother, who is also in the backyard but confined to a wheelchair.

However, granny has an ace in the hole. She's able to use the boy's little brother, who is strapped into a swing set, as a sling baby, launching him up in the air and toward the bag of Doritos.

With a grin on his face, the flying baby grabs the chips from his nasty brother, and brings them to grandma. Turns out Clint Eastwood wasn't the only senior citizen you don't want to mess with in this year's crop of Super Bowl ads.

Like all of Doritos' Super Bowl ads in 2012, this one was consumer generated. So do you think the commercial's creator has a career in advertising?