Playing a heavy metal version of a cartoon theme song isn't going to win you a spot in the rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. But it will win over a whole lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles fans.

A musician who goes by the name The Human Tim has posted an awesome metal cover of one of the best theme songs for a cartoon show, like, totally ever, dude. And he plays all the instruments!

A mean guitar solo and an electronic drum kit - we're going to safely say this Cromwell, CT native surely counts '80s rock among his guilty pleasures. Judging by those other drum pads in the back, he also clearly loves 'Guitar Hero.'

The Human Tim says he is a one-man-band who even does all the mixing himself. Check out his YouTube channel for the other rock covers he's performed, including the theme song to the videogame 'Katamari Damacy', and a track from the ever so popular 'Skyrim.' Is nerdcore rock a bonafide music genre now?