Since you are already way sick of Jolie'ing, we have another body positioning internet meme that you and your digital camera can play along with. It's Draping, and it's based on 'Mad Men' protagonist Don Draper and his name-appropriate habit of casually draping his arm over things like couches and ladies.

Draping central is the Tumblr blog Madman#Draping, which features photos of men, women and animals pulling off the simple pose. Given that the fifth season of  'Mad Men' premieres on March 25th, the whole meme certainly seems like good promotion for the show

But even if AMC is behind it, the enthusiasm for Draping seems legit, and the Twitter hashtag #draping has been fairly popular over the last few days. And why not, as 'Mad Man' fans are always looking for a way to Hamm it up. (Pun intended.)

Examples of Draping, which shouldn't be confused with drapering, are below. While some would probably argue that one should always have either a cocktail or cigarette in hand while Draping, it's nice to see that some 'Mad Men' fans take a healthier approach.