Rainn Wilson Does Facebook Schrute Facts
Rainn Wilson brings the Schrute Facts meme to life for charity in this video from College Humor. This time, he's taking on all those annoyingly optimistic quotes people put on Facebook that are supposed to be inspirational but really just make you want to barf on a kitten...
Kid Does Perfect Imitation of Trololo Guy
Eduard Khil, also known as Mr. Trololo, may passed on, but he'll never leave our hearts. Or, apparently, our computer screens. Trololo will never die, not while kids like this are making parodies like this.
Did Seth Green Introduce the World to Tebowing?
If you're a child of the '80s, you might remember 'Can't Buy Me Love,' the Patrick Dempsey high school comedy which hit theaters on August 14, 1987. Smack dab in the middle of the film, Seth Green, who plays Dempsey's younger brother, strikes a pose which modern au…
Memes – Everything You Need to Know
If you're one of those people who got forwarded the Nyan Cat meme and couldn't rest until you discovered what it meant, where it originated from and how it got so popular, then you're in luck. Finally, everything you could possibly want to know about all your favorite internet memes i…

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