In all their Super Bowl 2012 commercials, tire company Bridgestone has been teasing the idea that they are going to go into making sporting goods, like footballs and basketballs.

The viewer is never quite sure if this is going to actually happen, although one would tend to doubt since the balls look an awful lot like tires. 

In one of the spots, polarizing ESPN college basketball anyalst Dick Vitale says he's going to be the one to get to the bottom of this Bridgestone mystery. However, Michelle Beadle, an up-coming ESPN personality, thinks she's the one who's going to get the scoop.

As the commercial progresses, Beadle describes how Vitale isn't the smiling, happy-go-lucky fellow he presents on-air. And that he is, in fact, a ruthless competitor. Nevertheless, she thinks she can handle him.

So is this Bridgestone ad campaign 'Awesome, baby?," as Vitale would describe it. Or do you find it sort of confusing?

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