What do you get when you combine the musical genius of Gorillaz, Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy? You get one sick collaborative track called 'DoYaThing' with an equally awesome video,  in honor of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Gorillaz Collection.

This is the latest installment to Converse's ongoing '3 Artists, 1 Song' campaign that has caused a lot of buzz in the past with its previous collaborations, but we think this one is arguably the coolest one yet.

The track feels largely like a Gorillaz song with Damon Albarn's free-flowing lyrics to guide, but Andre 3000's verse and chorus are definitely a teasing reminder of how awesome it would be to have a new OutKast album. The uptempo beat will make you pine for the days when LCD Soundsystem was still with us. But if Murphy is staying busy with side projects like this, we may be able to get by.

The video features our favorite Gorillaz cartoon characters starting their day in a messy London flat. You get a real feel for the life of a rock star as the video takes you on a tour of their crazy band house. There seems to be some tension between two roommates (2-D and Murdoc) largely because one of them is an irritable zombie with a craving for human flesh.

The track is definitely catchy and the beat will have you dancing in your chair upon first listen. You can download the whole track for free on Converse's website.

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