You probably wouldn't have guessed it, but Amanda Seyfried is an avid taxidermy collector. The 'Gone' star has a stuffed horse, a stuffed owl and thinks it would be "kinda cool" if you could taxidermy people. (Yikes!)

As 'Conan 'fans know, he also has a connection to taxidermy. A Screeching Jet Pack Raccoon (or Shrieking Raccoon With a Jet Pack) character has been on the show from time to time. Conan decided to present to Seyfried this stuffed racoon, on the occasion of her being his guest on Tuesday night's show.

Although her level of exciment didn't quite reach that of Kristen Bell when she thought she was getting to meet a (live) sloth on Ellen, Seyfried really seemd to appreciate the gift. "I can't believe this is mine," she said happily.

However, when she got a closer look at the stuffed beast she showed her taxidermy chops by criticizing the stitching.

Amanda Seyfried, meet Chuck Testa.