Being in the cute animal game, we would be the first to tell you that a sloth is one adorable beast. However, we were still taken aback by Kristen Bell's emotional response to meeting the two-toed creature, which she talked about on 'Ellen.'

The 'House of Lies' star explained that after fiance Dax Shepard informed her that her 31st birthday present was somewhere in the house, she sensed that a sloth -- an animal she has always been obsessed with -- was "near," triggering a full-on bout of happy weeping.

Then when she found out that her intuition was correct and there really was a sloth in her home she became completely overwhelmed with joy.

In fact, when Ellen feigned that there might another sloth on set, Bell almost lost it again. Bell is clearly the sloth lover to measure all other sloth lovers against. Don't anyone show her this video of a baby sloth bathing. It could quite possibly make her head explode.

Do you think Kristen's emotional reaction is genuine or a comedy bit? Her "meltdown" seems an awful lot like the little girl who freaked out when she found out she was going to Disneyland. (See the video below.) Perhaps this is Kristen and Ellen's take on that viral video sensation?


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