If you're a sugar lover -- or a news viewer -- you're aware the recent soda ban that was supposed to go down in New York didn't happen. Naturally, to celebrate, the city went crazy in elation, rocking out with their super-sized Coca-Colas and drenching each other in the sugary goodnes that is soda. Or maybe that was just on 'CONAN'...

On last night's episode, Coco brought in a sketch that mocked the overturning of a law set to prevent the sale of sugary drinks over 16 ounces in New York City. Knowing fully well that America loves it's sugary drinks, the Team Coco crew appeared to have some fun with this one.

Perhaps even better than the sketch was the banter between the host and sidekick Andy Richter.

How do you feel about the soda ban being overturned?

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