According to Nathan Ira, "It doesn't matter who you are or where you've been, you're dealing with something difficult."

So the 23-year-old decided to do something about this. The cook and college student at Montana State University started a project in which he hands strangers a flower in hopes of lightening their loads.

The strangers aren't completely random -- Ira says he's more likely to approach somebody who looks like they are having a tough day. And when he does hand them the flower it comes with a note which says "For whatever you are dealing with, you deserve this." The note also includes Ira's email address and asks the recipient to write him if the gift meant anything to them.

Ira then chronicals these responses on his website 'You Deserve A Flower.' Here is an example of one he received last week:

Thank you very much for the pick me up today Nathan! I can't even remember the last time I received a flower. It's the simple things that remind us of the beauty in life. Thanks for sharing the love my friend. I hope you feel the love in return.
Love, Nicki"

While Nathan says he does feel the love in return, he is still waiting for a stranger to hand him a flower.

"That would be really incredible if it came full circle," he told the Billings Gazette.