If you've ever held some sort of customer service position, you know it can be incredibly trying, to say the least. Whether you've been a waiter, bartender or even a stylist, getting feedback on comment cards is just part of the ole job. While some notes can be harsh, according to our Instagram findings, a decent amount are actually really helpful.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to know Grumpy Cat's a fan of their pizza? Or get compliments from Space Cat?  Check out even more awesome comment card responses below.

Very helpful information:

cocoisok, web.stagram.com

You hear that? You're right up there with the potato wedges, waiter with the symmetrical face!!

vixened, web.stagram.com

This child no longer has to deal with the stigma of an ugly dad.

urbanbettysalon, web.stagram.com

The Randy to My Travis ... wow ....

sylviadawn, web.stagram.com

Thank you for making it more difficult for this person to light stuff on fire.

stephhbriggs, web.stagram.com

French fries for everyone!

rachelstejskal, web.stagram.com

Don't argue with the dragon. Never argue with the dragon.

matthewryanschmunk, web.stagram.com

That's really saying something.

ludovicodroog, web.stagram.com

Space Cat wouldn't tell a lie.

luckybaby408, web.stagram.com

We would cherish this forever.

hajohns1982, web.stagram.com