Without question, Bud Light always airs the funniest Super Bowl commercials. But sometimes they also advocate doing something incredibly noble. In this ad that ran during the 2012 Super Bowl, Bud Light introduces us to an adorable and very talented little rescue dog named Weego.

Some dogs can fetch a stick or a tennis ball and bring it back to you, but Weego puts all of those other pups to shame by fetching ice cold Bud Light on command. And not just one beer. When the situation calls for it, and the party has reached critical mass, Weego fetches an entire pony keg! Who could ask for more out of a dog?

While this commercial is thoroughly entertaining, it also promotes the adoption of rescue animals who desperately need a good home. Could you imagine if Weego had to spend his entire life fetching beer for animal shelter workers? What a precious waste of raw talent that would be. It is nice to see Bud Light supporting such a noble cause and we definitely hope to see more of Weego in the future.