Channing Tatum is on quite the hot streak these days. The former fashion model is currently starring in 'Haywire,' will play opposite Rachel McAdams in the Valentine's release 'The Vow,' and has '21 Jumpstreet' and 'G.I Joe: Retaliation' to come by summer. So it would seem appropriate with all those high profile projects swirling about that Tatum would host this week's 'Saturday Night Live,' with musical guest Bon Iver.

So is Hollywood's "Mr. 2012" funny? He's not half bad in the promos, where he spoofs 'Dirty Dancing' and his own unique name. He also plays well off of 'SNL' cast member Fred Armisen. Perhaps it's that generosity that has suddenly made Tatum such a sought-after actor. That and the whole being really good looking thing.

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