Yep, it's yet another parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe.' And just as pop culture would have it, the prevalent news right now -- The Olympics -- has taken on the role as the focus. In this case we speak of the media frenzy surrounding 27-year-old swimmer and ostensible "king of the pool" Ryan Lochte.

With a 'Call Me Maybe' parody already out there featuring members of the 2012 US Olympic Swim Team, whoever decided to unleash the next one knew it had to be different. And luckily, this one is.

The NOC, a sports entertainment channel on YouTube, decided to parody the overly popular tune by adding a different feel to it. Rather than simply dancing and lip syncing along with Carly, the entertainment channel took only the melody and built lyrics around the supposed Lochte/Phelps rivalry. Here are some sample lyrics:

Hey, I'm not Michael. Don't eat at Subway. But this is my year. So call me Lochte. It's hard to swim right by Phelps, baby. But this is my year. So call me Lochte.

The video follows the singer sitting by the pool, but never actually in it, while he humorously dances about while praising Lochte. Spread throughout are photos of the grill-wearing swimmer. The lyrics are rather straightforward, expressing that Michael's time as the king is pretty much over.

Do you agree? We'll look for more evidence of Lochte's ascendancy as the bad boy of swimming as the Olympics moves on.

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