If you're looking for the real-life counterpart of the character Bruce from 'Family Guy,' you can't do better than actor Jon Gries, who's pictured here as Uncle Rico from the indie flick 'Napoleon Dynamite.' Eerily similar!

Jon Gries as Bruce from 'Family Guy'

They both sport killer 'staches and fashionable vests, but the similarities don't end there. Bruce seems to be a bit of a drifter and has appeared on the show as a boxing referee, a bowling alley attendant and a spiritual medium just to name a few of his random jobs. Uncle Rico, in comparison, lives in a camper van and dreams up get-rich-quick schemes as a way to overcome his failed dreams of NFL stardom.

If we didn't know better, we'd think Gries actually based his character from the 2004 movie on Bruce. What do you think? Are these characters one and the same?

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