It truly has been a great week for the internet. We've enjoyed delightful babies, experienced the joy that can only come from a politician with a sense of humor and learned what happens when you trick a bunch of people into thinking you're famous. Here are our ten favorite YouTube sensations of the week!

Say what you will about America’s 41st president, but we have to tip our hats to him for not only embracing Dana Carvey's impersonation of him, but for doing a really spot on job mimicking it.

We just wanted to believe SO BADLY that one day we could fly through the air with the ease of Marty McFly, so we can’t help but feel angry that these hoverboards aren't real. We can still dream though, and this video's awesomeness reminds us why we need to keep the dream alive.

While we might not have heard of Carlton beer before this commercial, we’re suddenly craving a cold one. We’re not sure if it’s the mix of nostalgic uptempo power pop, the weird morality of people who rob banks but refuse to drink and drive, or just the fact that through all of the action nobody spills their drink, but this ad is definitely a winner.

We’re never quite sure what possesses a crew full of expensive sound and camera gear to set up shop in the middle of a massive storm system, but we’ve got to hand it to a weatherman who can literally "weather the storm" with his sense of humor intact. We salute you, Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel, you Tebow on to internet glory!

If there is one obvious ingredient to instant viral internet success, it’s the inclusion of a cute baby being its adorable self. But what happens when there are *two* babies, and those babies are twins? Let’s just say our minds are blown. It won’t take long before these two daughters are mortified by the guitar-wielding antics of their dad, but for now -- pure glory.

Earlier this week we learned about a talented cup-stacking sea otter by the name of Nellie at a Washington state zoo. But we were completely surprised to learn that not only could this totally adorable creature organize colorful cups, she could talk too! We’re pretty sure this qualifies her as smarter than our least favorite coworker.

4) Lucy Spraggan’s Audition- Last Night- The X Factor UK 2012

We’ve all been there -- attempting to decode the hazier moments of a particularly rambunctious night on the town, but this 20-year-old British songstress captured the sentiment quite splendidly in her 'X-Factor' audition. Who says you can’t turn a night of horrible drunken shame into pure gold?

3. Kid on Bike Eats It

Everyone loves watching another person wipe out on tape -- 'America's Funniest Home Videos' taught us that. Thank you, YouTube, for serving the noble purpose of connecting us with glorious, on-demand wipe out videos from around the world. Enjoy watching this kid on a bike, although he doesn't stay on it for long. And don’t worry, he whimpers for a moment before walking it off, so it’s ok to laugh.

The concept is so simple and yet so genius: juxtapose photos of irate looking babies with a ridiculous song calling them out on their ire; we’re kind of surprised it’s taken so long for this to happen. Stick around for the fist-raising tot at the end, it’s pretty legendary.

What happens when you don a pair of sunglasses at night, and walk around Times Square with an entourage and a camera crew? If this video is anything to go by, you become famous. Watch as a man essentially punks an entire zip code into thinking he’s someone important in New York City. The excited crowd interviews were an excellent touch.