It's hard not to be blinded by the lights of Times Square -- they're really, REALLY bright. But even temporary blindness can't excuse the lengths to which some people would go to say they've heard of Brett Cohen -- a regular guy who tricked Times Square into thinking he's famous.

For example, one man said he'd heard Brett's latest single. Being blinded by a massive Toys 'R' Us can't explain that away. You see, Brett has never recorded a single -- he's just a dude who put on sunglasses at night, got a fake entourage and had a couple photographers and a video crew follow him around. Then everybody in Times Square (admittedly, it was probably 80% tourists desperate to get a glimpse of somebody, anybody famous) basically flipped out, asking for pictures and praising his performance in 'Spider-Man.'

They all thought he was great at the time, but we're betting they don't anymore, now that they know they've all been made fools of! Yet another reason to avoid Times Square at all costs the next time you're in the Big Apple.