This... is... such a tease. For a second there it really seemed like maybe we could get a hoverboard straight out of 'Back to the Future II' for the holidays this year. Or maybe just buy one at any time to have a "me day," but once that thing flew over water, we knew it was too good to be true.

Still, it's a pretty great ad, and maybe now that we've got robots with lasers blowing stuff up on Mars, somebody could finally get around to making one of these for real?

These guys really want to remind us how great it would be to actually have a real-life hoverboard. Hey, thanks! What a crazy notion! Here's some salt, why don't you just rub it into this paper cut while you're at it?!! Awesome.

Still, we can dream, and now we probably will. So thanks for that, too -- a nice stress crying dream about not getting a hoverboard. This definitely has been the worst summer ever... as of now. Thanks a lot.

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