Miley Cyrus Looked Just Like a Giraffe at the VMAs
People are comparing Miley Cyrus' appearance at the VMAs last night to a lot of things -- an uncooked chicken, an old Jim Carey character, naked Hank Hill, etc. But nobody is comparing her to what she really looked like -- a giraffe with its tongue sticking out.
The Best Reaction GIFs from the MTV VMAs
The highlight of last night's VMAS, MTV's annual reminder that they're still tangentially related to the music industry, was easily the multiple shots of stars reacting to Miley Cyrus' super awkward performance. Oh, also 'N Sync reunited or something and provided an answer to "what does Chris Kirkpatrick look like these days"?
Why MTV won't Play Videos
In case you are still mourning that MTV no longer plays music videos, opting instead for the likes of 'Jersey Shore' and 'Teen Mom,' here is an MTV "executive" to explain exactly why that is. (Though seriously -- you've had more than enough time to get over it.)
PSY Brings ‘Gangnam Style’ to the VMAs
Looks like signing up with Justin Bieber's manager has already started to pay off -- last night at the VMAs, YouTube sensation PSY showed up and did a pre-show performance with the Wanted, and got to pop up from underneath the stage with VMA host Kevin Hart during the show to do an entertaining little bit.
The Best Music Videos of People Dancing With Themselves
The MTV VMAs are tonight, and 'Lonely Boy' by the Black Keys has been nominated for best video of the year. It's a guy dancing by himself. And it's awesome. We love it so much we went through and found some more videos that show how awesome dancing with yourself and nobody else can be. Ironically, at no time in Billy Idol's 'Dancing With Myself' does he actually dance by himself, but these are all
The Worst Commercials Starring the ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast
After five painfully long seasons, 'Jersey Shore' will begin its sixth and final season this fall. Maybe it's because Snooki had a baby and things are starting to get real. Maybe it's because the ratings have started dropping and show no signs of stopping. Or maybe it's because this show is terrible. Regardless, we thought we'd pay tribute by reminding you of some of the terrible commercials the s
5 Actors Who Got Their Start on ‘Punk’d’ [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]
At its core, 'Punk'd,' which MTV will reboot with celebrity hosts on March 19th, may have simply been a hidden camera show that delighted in torturing celebrities. But the Ashton Kutcher-created series also jump-started the careers of a few actors who are well-known today. They might have been anonymous "field agents" on the show, but you'll definitely recognize them now. Check out five
MTV’s Insane ‘Real World’ Cast Contract Revealed
Most reality show participants have to sign extensive waivers and agree to terms not seen since the days of indentured servitude. Recently, the Village Voice got its hands on the 30-page contract required of the people appearing on MTV's long-running 'Real World' series and, as expected, it's positively draconian. The extreme stipulations are probably no different than those of other reality shows

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