We're sure you hold a special place in your heart for those classic Disney movies from your childhood. Little girls especially experience their first stories of love and magic through the many Disney versions of fairy tales. With dreams of growing up to be princesses themselves, these now big girls may be a little disturbed to find out what they were really learning while watching the seemingly innocent movies. Let's just say these Disney life lessons are not the most realistic...

If you sleep for long enough, you'll wake up to a hot guy.

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Makeovers fix everything.

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You should probably work on your posture.


Work your hair - it's your best asset!

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You can never have too many corkscrews.


Animals are your real best friends.

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Inanimate objects are pretty friendly too.

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Look a wild animal in the eyes to assert your dominance.


If your dad is powerful enough, he can get you out of almost any contract.


And, finally, everyone always lives happily ever after.

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Unless you're evil, of course.