2012 has already offered a bevy of what will no doubt go down as the best viral videos featuring kids of the year. Thanks to the proliferation of camera phones and other video devices, the chance that kids' humorous antics are captured on video for all to see has never been higher.

So far in 2012 we have kid comedians, kid rock stars, kid paleontologists and kid inventors all doing their best to charm and achieve viral video glory. (Not to mention a girl with a very unique way of singing and the most adorable hockey brawl you are going to see.) Yup, these kids have talent and charisma. If nothing else, we should be able to feel good about the future of entertainment.

Check out the ten best viral video kids of 2012 (so far) below.

Five-Year-Old Comedian Has His Routine Down

Why is 5-year-old Zay Zay up for the title of the best viral video kid of 2012? Because he's a budding comedian with some great material (written by his dad).  While Zay Zay is a natural performer, like many kids his age he doesn’t always speak so clearly. In fact, you might want to click on the red closed caption button on the bottom of the video and observe YouTube’s comically futile attempt to transcribe what Zay Zay is saying.

Girl Sings 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' With Mouth Shut

This little girl, whose impressive talent has made her one of 2012's best viral video kids, can sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' with her mouth closed.' Not impressed? OK, you try it. Pretty hard, right? Alrighty then.

Sophia Grace and Rosie Invade the Grammys

You might remember British cousins Sophia Grace and Rosie from our list of the best viral video kids of 2011. While the duo charmed us all with their viral video performance of Nicki Minaj’s 'Super Bass' late last year, they don’t have any bigger fan than Ellen Degeneres. The daytime queen has had the girls on her show multiple times and even sent them to the 2012 Grammys as special correspondents. In this video, the adorable duo mix it up with pop stars like Katy Petty and Flo Rida. After a stellar 2011, the duo are already on their way to being two of 2012's best viral video kids.

Little Girl Explains Where Babies Come From

Want to know a surefire way to become the best viral video kid of 2012? Explain where babies come from in a cute video. According to the young star of this video, babies come from the stork (or possibly the store), from the hospital or they can come from the womb. So she's ahead of the game, right? Well, not exactly. Her version of the birthing process involves much more of the mother’s belly button than what you would read in a human anatomy book. But what she lacks in accuracy she makes up for in adorableness.

NHL Player Attacked By Gang of Kids

Four fans attack Vancouver Canuck Kevin Bieksa as he sits on his team's beach in this cute 2012 viral video. But this wasn’t the latest chapter in hockey's long history of often stunning violence. Instead, Bieksa's assailants were a gang of flaxen-haired kids, at least one of whom belonged to the defenseman.

Little Girl Is a Real Guitar Hero

Eight-year-old Zoe Thomas is the guitarist for The Mini Band, a group of rocking kids who are among 2012's biggest viral video stars. But here she proves she can sound great solo. (The song is from the Finnish symphonic metal band Stratovarius.)

Two Little Girls Give The Cutest Newscast Ever

Franny and Sofia are New York's newest news team. Reporting live from Brooklyn, they do the weather and update their viewers on a collapsed highway billboard. Granted, Sofia doesn’t talk much (her only line is saying "Yeppy-doodles"), but we think she might be responsible for the hand-drawn graphics in this charming 2012 viral video.

Toddler Stares Down Lion

Thrree-year-old Sofia Walker of New Zealand was taking a look at Malik the Lion, who was on the other side of the safety glass at the local zoo. Finally Malik had enough of her staring, so he started to ferociously bang his paws against the glass. That startled Sofia, and she momentarily took a step back. But then she fearlessly returned the stare, and even placed her hands right up against the glass. She’s one brave girl and we're not lion!

Four-Year-Old Gives Well-Informed Dinosaur Lesson

You can’t put one over on 4-year-old Stella when it comes to dinosaurs. Stella’s dad shows the youngster a toy Triceratops, and she immediately finds several things wrong with the way the prehistoric beast is represented on the figurine’s packaging. Looks like we have a future paleontologist, as well as one of 2012's best viral video kids.

This Monster Trap Will Protect Any Home

Inventors have been trying to build a better mouse trap since the beginning of time. But what about a better monster trap? Sometimes you need that too, right? Precocious Audri has come up with a Rube Goldberg-style monster-catching device that should strike fear in the heart of anything that goes bump in the night.