While babies star in their share of adorable videos, the fun really starts when the young-ens grow up and learn to talk. Once they're old enough to realize that a camera is on them, that's when the cuteness meter really starts to go off the charts.

Here are ten of our favorite videos starring kids from 2011. Check them all out below and then vote for which one you think is the cutest. (For more on each video, click on the titles in blue.)

Little Girl Freaks Out Over Surprise Trip To Disneyland

8-Year-Old Sophia Grace Brownlee Performs 'Super Bass'

Kid Videobombs Big Sister's Lame Dance Routine

Flower Girl Doesn't Quite Grasp Concept of Being a Flower Girl

Heavy Metal Nine-Year-Old Covers 'Crazy Train'

Kid Sad He Can't Be the Governor

Alexa Narvaez and her dad cover Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Kid Videobombs CNN Coverage of Kim Kardashian's Wedding

Pint-Sized Football Fan Hates Tom Brady

Little Boy Cries When Girl Proposes Marriage

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