Little kids are the best. They're pro photobombers and make super weird raps about McDonald's, and that's just scratching the surface. But munchkins can also be the worst. Don't get us wrong-- their adorableness usually overrides any of those 'tudes they try and pull, and you know how we're suckers for anything remotely adorable. But sometimes that awful side emerges in those rare moments of brattiness, and we're left sort of dumbfounded.

It turns out Christmas morning is prime time for that super spoiled behavior to come out, and luckily, parents have documented these ungrateful little things in the heat of the moment. They cry and whine and pull down decorated trees, although we can't blame some of them after receiving totally lame presents.

We'd like to present to you nine of the brattiest kids on Christmas morning. As long as the kiddos aren't ours, we think they're hilarious.

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