Looking for the best cat videos of 2012? Well, you've come to the right place. While it would be incorrect to say the internet was invented so people could watch cat videos, sometimes it feels like it was. There’s simply no creature, wild or domestic, that has captured the Web the way the kitty has. It's possible one day the dog or the always underrated owl will replace the feline as number one in the internet’s heart. But that day will probably not be in 2012, because the year has given us some truly adorable cat videos so far.

In 2012, the cats of the Interwebs have brought their A game in a bevy of cute videos. In this short time period we've seen a cat with perfect boxing technique, a kitty who actually made us like dubstep, and what is possibly the heir to Keyboard Cat's crown of meme. And none of these cats needed some sort of celebrity advocate to up their view counts, like certain sloths we know. It's safe to say they will be among 2012's best cat videos.

So check out the Top 10 best cat videos of 2012 (so far). And remember, on the internet every day is Caturday.

Stalker Cat

Even the staunchest cat advocate will concede that felines have some creepy tendencies, as adorable as they may be. "Stalker cat" here really personifies that dichotomy of cute and creeper, making for one of 2012's best (and strangest) cat videos.

Keyboard Cat II

Anytime a cat plays a keyboard, the internet is going to take notice. This ’keyboard cat’ really ups the ante by playing off on a cat-shaped instrument which makes meowing sounds. Will "Keyboard Cat II" be 2012's biggest internet sensation? He's definitely the star of one of the year's best cat videos.

Cat Attacks Singing Birthday Card

Here’s a neat trick. Buy a cat a singing birthday card. The kitty isn’t likely to appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but his reaction will still probably be worth the cost of the novelty item. We think this is one of 2012's funniest cat videos. Do you agree that it ranks among the year's best?

Cat Hides in Desk Drawer

This little Kitty just wants to wants to be left alone, so she holes up in a nightstand drawer. When her owner tries to draw her out by poking her with a pen, she reacts to the callous invasion how any self-respecting mammal would -- with a swift paw.

Cat Spins Dubstep

If there is anything the internet loves as much as cats, it’s the dubstep music genre. Which should make DJ Exkitten the most popular thing on the Web. This furball is just bustin’with swagga, and the star of one of 2012's best cat videos.

Cat Can Box

Cat Rocky here is skillfully mimicking the moves of the boxers he watches on TV. Either that or he is reacting to an unseen fly. Whatever he's doing, you wouldn't want to face him in the ring.

Cat Climbs Stairs In Odd Way

This cat has a unique way of walking up the stairs, doing a full 360 turn with each step. Hmm, it looks like somebody may have gotten into the catnip

Cat Hat

A patient gamer allows a very long-eared cat to sit on his head while he plays. And, yes ladies, according the video’s poster, he’s single. Best cat video ever?

Cat Disrupts Soccer Match

An adventurous cat interrupts the English Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham by invading the pitch, as they call it over there. Notice how none of the players or security makes any effort to capture the feline. Even pro athletes know they are no match for a cat’s quickness. When a kitty makes the news, you know it'll be one of 2012's best cat videos and one of the year's biggest viral hits.

Cat Assaults DVD

With the explosion in streaming video, DVDs are starting to become obsolete. And not too soon for this kitty, who has some sort of blood vendetta against the technology.

Check back regularly for more of 2012's best cat videos. Do you agree with our picks?