Bird Sings Dubstep
Thinking about getting a parrot? You'd better kiss your dreams of being an amateur beatboxer goodbye! This video shows the results of working on your beatboxing around the house when you have a bird just waiting to mimic you.
Dubstep Fruit Ninja
Maybe next year accompanying everything with dubstep won't be a thing anymore. But it's not next year -- it's 2012, suckers. So here's a guy swinging a sword through a bunch of fruit, accompanied by dubstep music. It probably wasn't their goal, but they definitely make us wa…
Man Covers Skrillex A Capella
Dubstep is incredibly complicated techno music with sounds that could never be replicated by the human voice. Unless that human is Mike Tompkins, apparently.
Watch a Spot-On Impression of Dubstep
Let's face it -- dubstep isn't for everybody. But last week we saw a pretty neat a capella cover of a Skrillex song that just about anybody can enjoy. And now we have vocal contortionist Thomas Middleditch's imitation of the notorious dubstep "drop" th…
Hipster Cat Is the Only Dubstep DJ You’ll Ever Need
You may not be into dubstep, that dance music genre beloved by the internet, but some cats really seem to dig it. In this video, a cat named Skifcha shakes it head, rolls its tongue and generally freaks out while electronic dance music throbs in the background.
Adorable Grandma Gets Down to Dubstep [Video]
Opinions vary as to whether or not dubstep should be considered music or the guttural rumblings of a malfunctioning robot, but watching this 94-year-old grandma attempt to dance to Excision & Downlink's (yes, that's a real band) 'The Underground' manages to make it not on…
Kids Have a Lot of Opinions on Dubstep [VIDEO]
Dubstep is the hot new dance trend that's sweeping the internet.
The most popular video, featuring Marquese Scott dancing to a dubstep remix of Foster the People's 'Pumped Up Kicks,' has close to nine million views on YouTube. And kids just can't get enough of it.