Baby Animal Alert!
When it comes to showcasing adorably tiny animals, we usually stick to puppies or kittens or the occasional piglets with people clothes. It's just a standard go-to that never fails to brighten our days or make us "aww!" for hours. Of course these furballs are great and all, but did you kno…
Happy Owls
There have been a lot of crazy things happening in America recently. Obama just got elected for a second term and a guy magically came back to life after dying mid-voting, for example. That's some pretty exciting stuff if you ask us.
Bob the Owl Is Going for the Animal Olympic Gold in London
It looks like everyone in London is getting into the Olympic spirit. Bob, for one, is in the middle of training for the track and field portion of his hometown's annual athletic competition that will coincide with the Olympic Games. And by the way, Bob is a burrowing owl and his home is the ZSL…