Bridgestone is known for its tires. But in an ad that will run during the second quarter of the Super Bowl the rubber conglomerate announces it is expanding into the world of sport.

This news is delivered to a large press conference by a technician wearing a Bridgestone lab coat.

“We are highly passionate about tire performance and we want to take our passion and technology beyond the road and to bring them to the world of sports,” says the technician. “I give you the Bridgestone Performance Balls...and Puck.”

With that a tire-textured football, basketball, bowling ball and hockey puck are revealed to the crowd, which oohs and aahs. Then the tenchnician tells the assembled press that sports stars such as Tim Duncan and Steve Nash will be helping Bridgestone test out these new balls (and puck).

The spot ends with the famously talkative Dick Vitale trying to ask a question, but being rendered speechless by the whole spectacle.

While this -- and the fact the balls seem to be made of tires -- would suggest the whole thing is a joke, and there are no new Bridgestone balls (and puck), it's all a little confusing because Bridgestone does really make golf equipment. So do you think the ad works, or are you also wondering whether or not it is for real?

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