Family Guy isn't just a hilarious show, it's one that allows us to better communicate without typing anything. Because, frankly, it's a lot easier to tell a friend how horrifying they're being with a cartoon vomiting than it is to send them a well-thought-out letter.

How do you explain to a close friend that the reason you haven't commented on their video is that it makes them look stupid? Or to your mother that the reason you don't want to friend her on Facebook is you don't want to talk to her all day? 'Family Guy' GIFs entertain us and help us communicate with each other, and for that we're thankful. Check our 20 hilarious 'Family Guy' GIFs and our suggestions for how to use them.



Those Facebook Photos You Posted Were Unintentionally Revealing

That's What Happens When You Steal Food From My Fridge, Roommate

You Have Crossed the Line from "Oversharing" to "'Maury' Guest"

The Fact That You And Another Friend Are Going For the Exact Same Goal and Are Likely To Both Fail Miserably Is Absolutely Hilarious

When You Run Around and Refuse to Stop For Anything, It Makes Me Worry That You Are a Robot or On Drugs. Possibly Both.

Please Get Me the Item Most Crucial To My Masculinity As Quickly as Possible, and Remember I Am Willing to Stage-Dive For It If Asked

You Have Not Been Missed Very Much At the Workplace From Which You Were Recently Fired, Annoying Co-Worker Who Thinks We're Friends For Some Reason

I Pray Desperately That You Did Not Actually Say That

Your View of Technology Is Amusingly Outdated

It Seemed Like a Good Idea At the Time

I Feel There Could Be More Spark In Our Relationship

Stop Eating Candy Or It May Not Be Your Diabetes That Kills You

That Video You Posted Of Your Exercise Routine Makes You Look Like a Massive Dork

I Know You Find My Pain Incredibly Amusing And Would Like to Watch It For a While, But If You Would Please Get the Fire Extinguisher, I Would Be Grateful, Or At Least Less Likely to Beat You Up After I Get Out of the Hospital.

For the Love Of All That Is Holy, Would You Get a Hobby Instead of Just Sitting There Staring Into Space and Annoying the Heck Out of Me While I'm Trying to Enjoy My Book?

To You, Fall Means Happiness and Playing In Leaf Piles. To Me, It Means Hours of Back-Breaking Work Raking A Massive Lawn Several Times. Please Shut Up About How Great Fall Is.

No, Duct Tape Is Not a Suitable Replacement for Taking Your Car to a Reputable Mechanic. It Was Nice Knowing You

I Told You So

You Are Taking Up Too Much of the Bed

I Am Mildly Annoyed At You