Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? You can test your skill at avoiding the undead at 'Run For Your Life' a 5K Zombie-filled obstacle course that will be touring around the nation in 2012, with its first stop in Atlanta, Georgia on March 3rd.

It costs $87 to run the race, which is an obstacle course tricked out with morbid features like a river of blood. And, of course brain-thirsty zombies, who volunteer for their ghoulish duties. Each runner has flag-football like 'health flags' that the zombies attempt to grab. When all the flags are pulled by the undead, they too become a zombie, and can no longer win the race. (Of course, they can still prevent another runner from winning now that they're a member of the 'walking dead.')

While the competition should be fierce, tackling is banned, and when it's over zombie and man put aside their timeless differences and enjoy some nice cold beers together.

The Atlanta race expects about 10,000 participants, and is almost sold out. But you can check out the next stops on the nationwide tour here. A video of the inaugural event, which took place last year in Baltimore, Maryland, is below.