Perhaps the only thing that could rival the feline for the internet's affection is the zombie. So what if we were to tell you we have a tale about a cat and a zombie. And that it has a happy ending.

It happened in New York's Times Square. Jeremy Zelkowitz works there, as a zombie, using his ghoulish makeup to attract tourists to local haunted house Times Scare.

He was making his rounds in the wee hours of Saturday morning when he noticed a black-and-white cat darting through the traffic. Fearing the cat would get hit, he began chasing after it. When he caught the kitty it was frail and looked "really, really scared."

So the 22-year-old walking dead cosplayer decided to take the cat to the vet. Although he first had to convince the skeptical cab driver that he was just a performer and not a crazy person who had a taste for brains, feline or human.

At the vet, it was discovered the cat was chipped. His name was Disaster and he belonged to NYPD cop Jimmy Helliesen, who had lost him two years ago.

Helliesen, who has a habit of adopting stray cats he comes across during his job, was thrilled to have his pet back.

So the next time you see a zombie with a cat don't expect the worst and have a little faith in the humanity of the undead.

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