In the Philippines, running a marathon isn't just about getting from start to finish. It's also about avoiding shambling hordes of flesh-eating zombies.

In Laguna Province, 5,000 runners recently ran a three-mile survival course that included 200 actors dressed as post-apocalyptic zombies. The undead hid behind trees, bushes and hills and attempted to "eat" runners by stealing flags attached to their waists.(Sounds a lot like the zombie obstacle course we recently told you about.)

According to organizers, the stunt was meant to help runners stay focused and dispense with the boredom that can plague long-distance runs. Mission accomplished, we say. Killer zombies definitely aren't boring.

But one runner, Carlos Cang, seemed to misinterpret the tongue-and-cheek tone of the race. "In a zombie apocalypse, I guess it's all about thinking about yourself and your survival," he said. "I mean, even if you're with friends, it's all about you. Because, you know, once you die it's all over."

Not that we blame Cang, of course. In a zombie marathon, we'd be the first across the finish line.